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I am from Baku, Azerbaijan.

I am from Azerbaijan. I live in Baku. Baku is the capital and the largest city of Azerbaijan. It is on the southern shore of the Apsheron peninsula. The origin of the name Baku comes from Arabian word “bad kube” and means “city of winds”. Baku is an old city and has a long story. It is witness that happened and happens, innocent, silent and patient. It suffered a lot during his long history. There are a lot of traces in his history what it is impossible to hide, to destroy. One is these traces the tragedy of “The 20 of January”. I can write very mush about history of Baku but it is better to live a few in it for understand its true beauty.

Every day when the sun as a young prince is in a hurry to occupy his throne the city gets up. Maybe the people are very friendly here or they love their city very mush. It was made a song “Good morning, Baku!” what translate by radio every morning. The gentle waves of Caspian Sea welcome The Maiden’s Tower. The Maiden’s Tower is the symbol of Baku. It is one of the beautiful and mysterious architectural monuments on The Apsheron Peninsula. There are a lot of legends about the tower. One of them state that a young princess who didn’t want get married unloved person rushed down from this tower because the tower had called Maiden’s Tower. One of remarkable places in Baku is a park near the station where towers monument of great Azerbaijan’s poet Samed Vourgoun. Under the monument it was engraved the lines from his well-known poem “Azerbaijan”. There are a few people in Azerbaijan who don’t know at least one line from this poem. There are a lot of beautiful monuments, parks, buildings and places in Baku it will take a lot time to write about them.

It is difficult to convey what I feel for my native city where I was born and live now. Maybe I am so little but Baku is my entire world. And I join person who wrote on the wall one of street “I love you”.

Ulker Koulieva

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