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Lesson 2 .

The definite article "the".
No article.

The Definite Article «the»

Определенный артикль the употребляется с любыми существительными (исчисляемыми, неисчисляемыми, в единственном и множественном числе).

1. Со знакомым предметом или лицом, о котором мы говорим не в первый раз:

I know a doctor.- The doctor is nice.
I know a teacher.- The teacher is wise.
I know a girl.- The girl is pretty.
I know a boy.- The boy is witty.

* * *

I see a cat.- The cat is fat.
I see a pig.- The pig is big.
I see a ball.- The ball is small.
I see a star.- The star is far.

My picture

This is a bag. The bag is black.
This is a kite. The kite is white.
This is an orange. The orange is orange.
This is a bed. The bed is red.

2. С существительными, единственными в своем роде:

The sun is hot.
The sky is blue.
The moon is cold.
And I see you.

* * *

Lovely things to hear
Lovely things to see-
They all belong to you.
They all belong to me:

The sun, the moon,
The wind, the sky.

Enjoy the world
And have much fun!

* * *

Butterfly, butterfly,
Fly to the sky!
Balloon, balloon,
Fly to the moon!

3. С названиями частей света:

Make a feast and go to the East
Eat your broth and go to the North.
Hve a rest and go to the West.
Open your mouth and go to the South.

4. С превосходной степенью прилагательных:

This is the smartest cat.
This is the funniest hat.
This is the quickest dog.
This is the smallest frog.

* * *

Go to the East
Or go to the West
Your home
Is always the best!

5. С порядковыми числительными:

There are four dogs in the yard:
The first dog is tall,
The second dog is small,
The third dog is sad,
The fourth dog is glad.

6. В словосочетаниях с предлогом "of":

The tail of the cat is long.
The paw of the lion is srong.
The roof of the house is tall.
The nose of the mouse is small.

* * *

I'm a thin brave mouse. I'm the master of my house.
I'm a fat proud cat. I'm the master of my flat.
I'm a pretty witty bee. I'm the master of my tree.
I'm a small clever frog. I'm the master of my pond.

7. С существительными, которые конкретизируются придаточным предложением:

This is the rat that slept in the hat.
This is the cat that caught the rat.
This is the frog that jumpd on the log.
This is the dog that found my sock.

No article

1. C неисчисляемыми существительными артикль не употребляется

* * *

Art is long.
Life is short.
Time is money.
You're sweeter than honey.


Betty is a funny girl.
She thinks
The sun is gold,
The moon is cheese.


Coal is black,
Snow is white,.
Metall is heavy,
Fluff is light.

Taster differ

I like coffee,
You like tea.
I like you,
You like me.

Wash your face

Yor need soap
And hot water.
Wash your face,
My dear daughter.

What is better?

Honey is sweeter than sugar.
Coffee is stronger than tea.
Juice is better than water.
You can't be smarter than me.

A pleasant land.

Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand.
Make a mighty ocean
And a pleasant land.

2. Перед именами и фамилиями людей, кличками животных, названиями улиц, городов и поселков, названиями дней недели и месяцев артикли не ставятся.

* * *

Polly, Dolly, Kate and Molly
All are filled with pride and folly.
Polly always giggles.
Dolly always wriggles.
Kate always fights.
Molly always bites.

* * *

There was a young lady from Spain
Whose language was not so plain.
When they asked: "Do you like it ?"
She answered: "I doubt it".
That evasive young lady from Spain

Naughty Tommy

I must jump on Monday.
I must run on Tuesday.
Wednesday is a holiday.
I must think on Thursday
What to do on Friday.
On Saturday I must play.
On Sunday I must rest.
All day, all day!

Days in the month.

Thirty days has September,
April, June and November;
February has twenty-eght alone.
All the rest have thirty-one,
But leap year coming once in four
Gives February one day more.

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