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We are from Sarband,Tajikistan.

Hello everybody. We are pupils from Sarband,Tajikistan. We are very happy to write about our town.

"Our native town Sarband."


Our town is located in the southern part of our Motherland - Tajikistan, on Vakhsh valley. It's on the left side of Vakhsh River at height of 428 meters from a sea level. The distance between our town and the capital of our republic is 117 kilometers. The total number of the population of Sarband is more than 31 660 people. Our town is situated in the south and that's why it is a sunny town. It is hot in summer more than 30-35 centigrade degrees. It's cool in spring and autumn; sometimes it rains but not often and not long. In winter it's not as cold as it has to be. It snows twice or three times and the snow stay on the ground no more than 2-3 days. The difference between our town and Moscow is two hours.

The most significant historical events of our town took place in 1963.
It's year of origin of our city...In this year began the construction of our Hydro-Power Station. Before people lived in small huts. And for the beginning the workers that came to built our Hydro-Power Station also lived in tents and huts. But soon there begun to appear the first new large houses and two-four storied buildings...

So was born a new town in Tajikistan. Before our town referred to Kalininabad, and on February 2nd, 1992 it has been renamed into Sarband, that in translation means Head.
The other most interesting thing is our Vocational School. #40. It's more than 30 year old.
We are very proud of our vocational school....

The most well-known outstanding figures of our country were graduated from this Educational institution...
For example the president of our country E.Sh. Rahmonov is the graduator of the Sarband Vocational School#40.

We have three monuments in our town. Two of them are situated in the center of our town, in the central park of the town, it is Lenin's monument and a monument of Kalinin.

The third monument is situated between two schools: schools #1 and 2, and it is a monument to " Defenders of Fatherland ". It devoted to all the men who took part in World War Two (in 1941-1945), and lost their lives for the victory. We have only one museum in our town, it is situated in our Community center. It is not very big, but it is very nice. There are various ancient national orders, instruments of work and many other things in this museum.

Our Sarband is usual east-cultural town. We celebrate all Muslim and International holidays. Such as: New year, Navruz, Idi Said, Day of Independence of the republic of the Tajikistan, the Constitution day of the republic of the Tajikistan, Day of Reconciliation, the International women's day, the Army day and etc. But most of all we like to celebrate the Day of our dear town on the 2nd of February.
It is pleasant for people in Sarband to use dishes such as mantu, osh, shish kebab, shakarob, ugro, etc. We buy Food stuffs on our market. The market is small, but very convenient. During the summer period on the market it is possible to find a potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, plums, apples, peaches, cherry, etc.

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